Fund raising

Football scratch cards are a fun, easy & hassle free way to raise funds for St Brendan's.

The method of using the cards is to sell teams at £1 a square with a 50/50 share of the stake money. Thats £10 for St Brendan's and £10 winning per card.

Each card has 20 football teams in a grid.

A player pays £1 and selects a team, by putting their name or initials in the grid

When all 20 squares are sold simply scratch off the panel and reveal the winning team the player who selected that team wins the £10 prize!

It would be great if each parent of every player could purchase a £10 scratch card & then complete the cards with either family or work colleagues and then simply give the lucky winner their £10 & you retain the other £10, so you won't be out of pocket.

There will be a number of Football Scratch cards available for £10 from Tara or Emma Tolan, so please encourage as many to be bought within your team and help support our great club, up the Saints!