Competition Schedule

The CYC schedule will run from Wednesday 1 August - 5 Sunday 2018.

Clubs must be prepared to play at 8 am - 5 pm Wednesday morning through to Sunday evening. As they do not know the number of teams yet, they cannot give an estimate of the Schedule, but they may have to extend the times of the day to ensure the schedule is completed.

This CYC based on Hotel Bookings is shaping up to be the largest CYC to date with over 220 teams.

Please note

  • Under NO circumstances will the schedule be changed to accommodate a teams hotel or travel arrangements. The schedule will start for all clubs 8 am Wednesday, August 1st. The CYC cannot accommodate teams based on travel or any other issues.
  • To register for the CYC you must be present at the field an hour minimum before your first game. There will be registration Tuesday evening 31 July 2018 (details to follow) and all through the competition.
  • All Age groups and All Codes will be scheduled ALL days. Individual teams may not, depending on the number of teams in their group, have games every day.