Warwickshire Bye-Laws 2016

1. In accordance with R. 50 T.O. 2008 the County Convention shall elect the following: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Registrar, P.R.O. and 2 Delegates to Provincial Council.

2. In accordance with Rule 58, T.O, 2008 the County Committee shall consist of the Officers elected at the County Convention, the County Referee’s Administrator {elected in accordance with R. 59(i)] and two delegates from the Clubs that field a team in a Junior or higher grade Championship in the current year. All members shall have voting rights.

3. In accordance with R. 61, T.O. 2008 the County Committee shall appoint the following Subcommittees whose powers and functions shall be as outlined in R. 61, T.O. 2008 :

(i) County Management Committee which shall consist of six members: the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar and P.R.O.

(ii) County Finance & Development Committee which will consist minimum of five members: the Vice Chairperson, Assistant-secretary, Treasurer and two members elected, at the first County Committee Meeting after Convention each year, from clubs represented on the Co. Committee

(iii) Referees Administration Committee will consist of five members: Chair person. Secretary, Referee’s Administrator (who shall vote only on the appointment of Referee’s) and two other members to be elected from the Clubs on the County Committee at the first County Committee Meeting after Convention each year.

Coaching and Games Development Committee shall consist a minimum of eight members; Assistant –Secretary, Youth Officer from the Youth Committee, three members from the Youth committee members, a representative from the Ladies Board, a representative from the Hurling teams and a representative from the Camogie teams.

Competitions Control Committee which will consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Referees administrator & P.R.O. It will be responsible for all arrangements and control of all games under the jurisdiction of the County Committee; this includes disciplinary matters other than those functions reserved for the County Hearings Committee. It will deal with objections and counter-objections arising from games under the control of the County Committee, it will investigate and process matters relating to the Enforcement of Rules and Match Regulations for all games under the control of the County Committee. It will have Plenary Powers delegated to them by the County Committee.

County Hearings Committee will consist of 9 members elected at the first County Committee meeting after convention, none of whom shall be a member of the Co. Management Committee or of the C. C. C..

4. All County Committee officers shall be registered members of the Warwickshire Co. Board.

5. A Club delegate to Board meetings shall be responsible for reporting to his club all business transacted, and no responsibility shall rest with the County Committee in the event of failure to do so.

6. A communication from the County Committee to an individual shall be sent to his secretary whose duty it will be to forward to its intended destination. In the case of notice to appear before the Committee or Executive five (5) days notice shall be deemed adequate. Proven failure on the part of the club secretary to forward such communication may entail suspension. Proof of postage shall be accepted as proof of delivery.

7. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the finances of the Committee. All monies shall be lodged in the bank in the name of the Warwickshire Co. Board. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall be signatories to the account. The Treasurer shall be empowered to make payments, but such payments shall be submitted subsequently for approval of the Committee. The accounts shall close on 31st October each year.

8. All clubs affiliating to the Warwickshire County Committee shall be open to all who are eligible for membership of the G.A.A.

9. A new club will not be allowed to affiliate to the Warwickshire County Committee if its existence is deemed to be detrimental to any currently affiliated club.

10. A referee shall have power to debar any player, who in his opinion is not properly attired, from taking part in any match.

11. All medals shall be presented to the winning club within two (2) months of the Final.

12. The County Committee shall set up a panel for referees, and each club shall supply two referees.

13. No club shall be given Senior Hurling and Senior Football matches on the same day.

14. Club Secretaries shall receive at least one week’s notification of players required to play for the County.

15. Clubs owing money to the County Committee cannot participate in the championship until all debts are cleared.

16. All Hurling competitions except championship may be played on a 13-a-side basis to help weaker clubs survive.

17. That each Senior Football Club that also has a team playing at a lower grade nominates 12 players to be vetted by each Club and the County Board with access to last years records and team sheets. These 12 players cannot play at that lower grade. Any player that joins the club after the 12 players are approved and plays any senior game cannot play at the lower grade. Clubs playing in Division 3 of the Senior Football League only need to name 10 players.

18. Subject to Rule 38 if a player has not played for his club before the first of August he may be entitled to a transfer

19. A County Team Manager to be elected by the Co. Committee.

20. The minutes of each County board Meeting be distributed to all Clubs

21. In accordance with R. 60, T.O. 2008 the Co. Committee shall appoint a Transfers Committee. This Committee shall process and make recommendations to the Co. Committee on applications for transfers within the county. An aggrieved applicant shall have the right to be heard before a final decision is made by the Co. Committee.